Kentucky native Julia Parton (1964- ) is a natural wonder, literally, when considering the variety of her career as model & adult film star. Early 1980s see her first appearances, just after the unveiling of Joanne Latham in the late 70s, the two models dominating the next decade of erotic magazines & their covers. Arguably, together, the two are considered the most prolific models of their era, one American, one British, albeit Julia aka Joyce Patrick, Nina Alexander, Charli, etc., would enjoy a longer limelight well into the years of Hardcore pornography. The "hardcore" fan of Julia's will understand the switch from pin-up modeling to pornstar, even if they find it unnerving, & Julia's interest in fetish realms, sharply contrasting the early years of innocent topless photo sessions on pink satin sheets or licking rainbow lollipops on paperback covers. Few models have gone through as many phases, much less had the drive to stay relevant, or rise to publisher of a once popular magazine like she did in the 90s w/ High Society. Few models attack us early on & slowly morph into the antithesis of that attack: amazing natural dimensions 38-24-36 elegantly snapped by unsung 80s professionals, surprising fetishist/phone-sex ad regular, frazzled pornstar lighter in frame & nearly forgotten. Julia never lost that smile, and how can we forget. A completist's wet dream. 

Sullivan 366.

Club 7/88
Classic Boobs 1990 ad
Bondage photos
Whitehouse Digest
Three's An Orgy
Tales from the Whip
Stag 2/85m ads
Swank's Sex Acts 1991
Hustler Beaver Hunt
Hustler Kinky Sex 1984 ad
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