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Ace (5 vintage pinup magazines bound together, 1961-63)

Ace (5 vintage pinup magazines bound together, 1961-63)

SKU: 125607

New York: Four Star Publications, 1961-63. Distributed by Kable. Five issues of vintage adult magazines, primitively but solidly bound together at the spines w/ blank paper spine; blank paper wrapper; uniformly trimmed. Presumably made by amateur binder or hobbyist, perhaps collected for certain authors/models/artists. Not much is documented in ACE, the title consistently featured notably photographers like Ron Vogel, full-pg cartoons/Michael Paul Rand illustrations, quality writing. Playing Card-themed adult magazines essentially "folded" after ACE.   B/W/Color. VG+ overall. V5 N2, AUG 1961. Ron Vogel cover! Charles V. Nemo (gambling), Jack Wright, Arthur Benson (Civil War), Irwin Roark (fan magazines), Jack Flannery, Jack Hunvaldo, Ted Mark, Samuel Meldorf, Ken Noble, Ah Sin, Engleman, Hagglund, Dare, Trogdon, O'brien, Pete Wyma, Art Lutner. Blonde Toni Meade 3pp, lithe blonde Daniela Paiva 2pp (Ed Alexander), Pat Langley cocktails 4pp, vignettes (Nikki Gibson, Barbara Thomas, Rosa Dalmai, Dane Arden, Ann Austin, Madeline Castle), classy blonde Jan Becker sundial 4pp, Gigi La Mont redhead 3pp.   V5 N5, FEB 1962. Vogel cover! Samuel Meldorf, Joel Charles (Niagara Falls), Anson Day, Roswell B. Rohde, Gene Tobias, Ted Mark, Harry Gregory, Mort Gerberg, Jay Martin, Harold C. Winn, Ken Noble, Engleman, Keyes, Tupper, Dick Zahn. Joyce Palo in Argentina 3pp, beauty calendar (Lana Dale, Donna Buttons, Val Doyle), Betsy Gray poolside 2pp, Mona Winther bathing 2pp, sultry Laura Cummings 3pp, buxom Diane Lynn 2pp, Debbie Jones outside painting 2pp, more vignettes. V6 N4, JAN 1963. Francie Mann cover/3pp (Keith Bernard)! Claude Janneck on Kinsey, Hank Gross, Jay Martin, Hal Hennesey, Morton J. Golding, Ted Mark, Harry Roskolenko, Melvin Pangborn, Dan Julius, Harry Gregory, Jeremiah Leoni, Ken Noble, Frosty, Bill Wenzel, Trogdon. Blonde poolside Paul Angeles 4pp, buxom brunette Annette Amber 4pp, blonde in hats Vivianne Borg 3pp, Kittens w/ kittens, Nina Coral 2pp, Barb Nichols ad. V6 N5, MAR 1963. Sandra Brennan cover/1pp (Ed Alexander)! Ronson O. Carle (Jackie Gleason), Jay Martin, Dan Julius, Maury Delman, Lewis Menard, Jay Kelly, Harry Gregory, Ted Mark ("Grandma and the Hipsters"), Steve Dickson, Morton J. Golding, Jeremiah Leone, Hank Gross, Ken Noble, Pontbriand, Sprague, Bo Brom, Bill Wenzel. English girls (Lorraine Burnett), blonde Timmy Shawn outdoors 4pp, pert brunette Dolores Duke 3pp, blonde in ski-lift Angela Webster 2pp, sweet redhead Anita McCrea 3pp, Finnish women, Rorschach tests. V7 N2, SEP 1963. Prange cover! Claude H. Janneck (Paris bordellos), Huntington Carver (love on credit), Jay Martin (Mel Torme), Maury Delman (manly hunting), Hal Hennesey, Roger Wilks, Ed Knorr, M.J. Golding, Wilson DeVries, Clayton D. Powers, Andrew Correll, Harry Gregory (successful athletes), Raoul Henry, Bill Wenzel, Gerberg, Dare, Lyons, de Carlo. Nancy Lewis 1pp, Ariane La Roch in wig 3pp, Tahitian Rohena 3pp, vignettes (Laura Cummings, June Wilkinson as Jet Sawyer, Linda Hillary), blonde Dena Clark in lagoon 4pp, leggy brunette Terry Boivert 3pp, Dodge City Dora Hand, pert Rusty Taylor 2pp, girls & records 3pp, Mara Corday "drawing" ad, "Eros" (Marilyn Monroe) ad, blonde Anita Anderson 1pp.   [Book ID: 125607]  [Magazines]


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