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Adam [The Man's Home Companion!] (Vintage adult magazine, Mar 1968)

Adam [The Man's Home Companion!] (Vintage adult magazine, Mar 1968)

SKU: 125825

Davidson, Avram, and Brett Howard, Ann Taylor, George Stokes, Jack Matcha, Howard Hamilton, Walter Jarrett, Gary Paulsen, Ron Vogel, Kurt Richter, RBK, Galaxy, Earl Marshall, Dirksen, HSH, Ted Trogdon, Art Lutner, Harley, Woling, Charles Rodriguez (contributors)

Los Angeles, CA: Knight Publishing, 1968. V12 N3. Distributed by AADC. B/W/Color throughout, 82pp. Vintage adult magazine from long-running & classy Adam. Specialized in quality photography and models, fiction, illustration, and lifestyle advice. Adam calendars are especially warranted, w/ good production values behind every move. Mitzi Geunther cover (Vogel), Spanish-German Renie Seid (Vogel), jungle hunt,Chicago prostitution, heist story, blond Holloway House ads, Barbro Nodin (Richter), Perseus/Andromeda art, burnette Sandy Shores (RBK, center), ex-GI film "Turn Me On" stills (Michelle Angelo vignette), Gee Gentle poolside (Vogel), French Alps story, coffee expose, Shirley Kilpatrick "ten movies" ad, cowboy clothes, Leslie howard garters/heels/hose (Galaxy), Suzanne Pritchard rear inside. Almost Near Fine, light edgewear.  [Book ID: 125825]  [Magazines]


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