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Adventure (Vintage magazine, Oct 1959)

Adventure (Vintage magazine, Oct 1959)

SKU: 125548

Harragan, Thomas F. (assoc. pub.); Alden H. Norton, Pat Walker, Hal Steeger, P. Graves, J. Pavincich, Milt Machlin, Jack Levine, et. al (eds.); L. Chan, Mrs. H. Stevenson-Hamilton, Arnold Rubenstein, Wil Blanche, ACME (photography); John Styga, Walter Popp, Gerry Powell, Al Rossi, Conlin, Ali, Zeis, Norment, Lyons, Lardner, O'Brien, A.S. Habbick (art); Frank W. Lane, Dave Mazroff, Thorp McClusky, Com. J.B. Ichenhower, David Manners, Georges Surdez, Fletcher Flora, Bryce Walton, Jack O'Harra, John Wilson, David Crew (contributors)


Adventure [The Man's Magazine of Exciting Fiction and Fact] (Vintage adventure magazine, Oct 1959)


Canton, OH: New Publications, 1959. V136 N1, October 1959; bimonthly, B/W throughout, 82pp, 25 cents cover price, side-stapled/perfect-bound. Vintage magazine devoted to adventure editorial, military propaganda, non-nude pinup, jokes, cartoons, reader letters. Exiting & pulpy.


John Styga slave ship cover, Walter J. Black Westerns ad rear cover. Fiction (slave ship girls, gold-diggers, Morocco Foreign Legion, "Death Has two Faces", "Bring Your Own Coffin" mummy, race track devils), Major John Murphy, Arnold Rothstein murder, Todas sex magic, killer lion, blonde Beverly Carroll 5pp, Antarctica pig boat, homosexuality, ads (trade schools, hair loss, vinyl recorders, pocket pistols, shoes, pipes, slingshot, Charles Atlas). 


Very Good, foxing, slight roll. [Book ID 125548] [Magazines]


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