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Ankh [Life Symbol] (Vintage adult magazine, premiere issue, Candy Earle, 1967)

Ankh [Life Symbol] (Vintage adult magazine, premiere issue, Candy Earle, 1967)

SKU: 126341

Lange, Ed (ed. dir., pub., photography); Charles Cropsey (ed., photography); Tom Lester, Esther Buechler (eds.); Donald Lind (art dir.); Rene Moncada (production); Ralph Hampton, Bill Rotsler, Leif Heilberg, Orman Longstreet, Walter Chappell, Keith & Iris Bancroft, Seaford Martin, Lilo Korenjak, Serge Jacques, William Graham, Lars Speyer (photography); Cec Cinder, Eliot Stetson, Ian MacDuff, ISP, International, Mark Reid, M.D., Barry McGuire, Eleanore Pagenstecher , John Adams (contributors)


Ankh [Life Symbol] (Vintage adult magazine, premiere issue, Candy Earle cover, 1967)


Los Angeles, CA: Elysium Inc., 1967. V1 N1, Summer Quarter 1967; distributed by Parliament News, $3.00 cover price, B/W/Color throughout, 72pp, saddle-stapled. Vintage adult magazine devoted to nudism, featuring photography of nude men & women, emphasizing alternative lifestyles, aptly described in the foreword to Cinder's "Ankhs for the Memory" (Part 1 of 3): "A student of symbolism claims that Elysiums adoted emblem, the Ankh of ancient Egypt, should remind us that there is an alternative to the sterility of the faith symbolized by the Cross." "Collectors' First Edition" cover blurb.


Candy Earle cover/3pp, Michelle Angelo rear cover/centerfold/1pp against Incredible Hulk poster. Hippie & psychedelic aesthetic, nature scenes, people of color, "The New Morality," "New Living" quarterly bulletin, reader letters, censorship, nude camp directory, Barry McGuire interview, "The Harrad Experiment" review, "Desiderata" (from St. Paul Church in Baltimore), "The Wonder of the Human Body" (Journal of Social Psychology reprint); ads (Sun West: Frederick Adams, Suzanne Snow for de Dienes, nudist mags/films; Elysium books).


Very Good Plus, 1pp excised, rubbing, sticker pull to front, light spine stress. [Book ID 126341] [Magazines]


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