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Beau, Volume 2 Number 12 (Vintage UK Magazine, Terry Higgins cover model)

Beau, Volume 2 Number 12 (Vintage UK Magazine, Terry Higgins cover model)

SKU: 124991

London: Publishers' Development Corporation, May 1967. An English take on a magazine like "Adam" or "Sir Knight," always topical, burlesque, cool monochrome layouts. Garters, heels, hose, color centerfold and surrounding pages. B/W/Color throughout. Terry Higgins front and rear cover photos, with her short blonde crop and unmistakable glassy stare, bust-laden and sugar sweet. Plus 2pp (1 showgirl, 1 full-color). Models - Jeanie Mack by Ron Vogel (centerfold), Maria Stinger from "Nature's Sweethearts" film, Michelle Mandale, Dominique Boschero, Greta Thyssen (interview). Photographers - Russell Gay, Paul Samuelson, Irv Carsten, Anthony DiMarco, Authors/Artists - David Henderson on Tour de France, John E. Boykin, Arch Ayres on skydiving and on Carlyle Blackwell, Kurt Singer, Charles Dennis. Cabaret world tour (Tokyo, Las Vegas, London, San Francisco), film reviews ("The Immoral Mr. Teas," etc.), designer Maureen of Hollywood.


Very Good plus with light spine stress.


[1999, Steve Sullivan, "Glamour Girls: The Illustrated Encyclopedia," no. 256]. [1993, Alan Betrock, "Pin-Up Mania: The Golden Age of Men's Magazines, 1950-1967"]. [Book ID 124991] [Magazines]


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