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Bee-Line Book: Orpheus Series (26 vintage adult paperbacks)

Bee-Line Book: Orpheus Series (26 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125339

New York: Bee-Line, 1968-69. Twenty-six vintage adult paperbacks, featuring illustrated but rather bland printed yellow wrapper, with a nude woman in a big O. Many themes explored, 4-letter words beginning to be widely used, & heavy on BDSM. Reader's delight, no frills in design. Highlights include: Evil Seed (OB509, 1968. Larry W. Holmes. Supernatural Writer Experience);   Satan's Disciple (OB514N, 1968. Joseph Reynolds. Religious Salvation. VG+); Over And Under (OB541Z, 1968. D.M. Gordon. Stream Of Consciousness, Greek Names); White Bodies, Black Lust (OB542Z, 1968. Martin Henry. Black Vietnam Vet Memoir); Gay Lady (OB576K, 1969. Dale Grayson. Lesbiana); Very Good or better overall, a few lesser. Full collation upon request. [Book ID 125339] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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