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Boobs, Buns & Beavers [Annual] (Vintage adult magazine, Joyce Spaeth cover, 1977

Boobs, Buns & Beavers [Annual] (Vintage adult magazine, Joyce Spaeth cover, 1977

SKU: 125143

Parker, Jamie, and Jory Sherman, Marc Shores, Gary Everts, Sue Varian, Esther Van Hansler (contributors)


Boobs, Buns & Beavers [Annual] (Vintage adult magazine, Joyce Spaeth cover, 1977)


Canoga Park, CA: Chelsea Publishing, 1977. V1 N1, 1977; distributed by Parliament News, Inc. (PN logo on front), quarterly, B/W/Color throughout, 166pp, $6.00 cover price, perfect-bound, blank green spine. Vintage adult magazine devoted to nude women, close-up & glamour photography, fiction; published as an Annual but in essence reprint compilation of several previous issues, likely PN’s “Big Boobs & Buns” series. Pages regularly detach from perfect-bound magazines of the era, here all are attached. “Tattoo” style notations on models in pencil throughout. Scarce title.  


House favorite Joyce Spaeth front cover, brunette rear cover, unknown models front & rear inside. Julie on phone 4pp, lady & snake 1pp, censorship in art 4pp, Josie reading 4pp, Diane in paisley 2pp, shaving Marnie 6pp, Susie lei’d 4pp, blonde Toby & banana 4pp, Nancy card-playing 2pp, nurse Cheryl 4pp, Terri & floral couch 4pp, nurse Sherry 4pp, bathing couples, Rose & rose 4pp, Kathy at window 4pp, “Eddie’s Last Round” boxing, Engleman cartoon, lesbians 6pp, sex news, Nadine 4pp, cheating wives, brunette Melody 4pp, Mary & Hazel 2pp, curly Louise 1pp, Helen 3pp, Serena Czarnecki & Jennie O’Reilly eating 4pp, Sue in hat 4pp, Donna on stripes 4pp, blacks in art, Beth shaving 4pp/centerfold, Maria on couch 4pp, chaps on Linda 2pp, Flora in white 4pp, Frances 2pp, curly Samantha 3pp, Lynette on blue 3pp, vignettes: Serena Czarnecki; ads (Regent House / Commerce Street News, Nutty Shirts, Unique Imports).


Very Good Plus, spine wear, tender hinges.  [Book ID 125143] [Magazines]


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