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Candid (3 vintage digest magazines, 1953-54)

Candid (3 vintage digest magazines, 1953-54)

SKU: 125703

New York: Manly Publications, 1953-54. Three vintage digest tabloid magazines, the first three issues. This publication commented on all things America, including politics/war, celebrity, fashion, food, books, etc. Many issues contained full-page pinup-style photography of celebrities, dancers, models, actresses, and more. Presumably became the more men's interest 1970s mag. V1 N1, Sep 1953: Sheree North cover/8pp. Black Sox scandal, Cairo dope, "snipe" boats, ballerina Nellie Anderson, Naples, Calabria blood cult, sleepwalking, Mickey Rooney, San Quentin, jokari, Amish living, Calcutta dolls, burlesque (Tempest Storm), Charlie Chaplin, hot Gloria Grahame centerfold, Marilyn Monroe vignette. Very Good. V1 N2, Nov 1953: Anita Ekberg cover/7pp. Roberta Haynes centerfold/layout, Aborigines, Helene Dixon, Princeton Prof. Joseph Brown, Luz del Fuego, Bobo Rockefeller, Paris vice, torture, Harlem living, Dawn Addams, camel thief, divorce in Virgin Islands, Hitler, chorus girls, Abilities Inc., Joe Louis. ery Good Plus V1 N3, Jan 1954: Jeanne Crain cover/7pp. Foreign cars, Yvonne de Carlo ("Paradise" film), boar hunting, Rumania's iron curtain, Mamie Van Doren, Mara Corday, women love gangsters, Sara Shane, Barrymore family, Sarong dancing, Elroy "crazylegs" Hirsch, female impersonator, Ruthie Fontanini, Joy Lansing, water polo, leprosy, Judy Garland. Good.  [Book ID: 125703]  [Magazines]


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