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Click [The National Picture Monthly] (Vintage magazine, Oct 1944)

Click [The National Picture Monthly] (Vintage magazine, Oct 1944)

SKU: 125522

Philadelphia, PA: Triangle Publications, 1944. V7 N10, Oct 1944. Distributed by MLA with their logo on the front. Larger format magazine (approx. 10.25 x 13.5 inches), b/w/c throughout, color cover, 68 pp., devoted to celebrities, war events & efforts, sports, culture, and great classic ads. Lots of full-page photographs. Short-lived, likely less than 100 issues. Scarce. Bruce Fernald cover, swimmer Patsy Sinclair, Joseph Dunninger magic, Sumner Welles unity, "Janie" film ad, Brig. Gen. Frank T. Hines GI Bill of Rights, auroratone images, guinea pig GI rations club, Dan DeLuce (Marshal Tito), Mae West in "Catherine Was Great," chinchilla coat, classic pen ads, Carl Brisson, oysters, Joan Crawford, WAC cartoon (Doobrovo), tampon ads, Stan Lomax pro football, Ralph Parker (Russia), tobacco pipe ads, Hollywood Palladium, juvenile delinquent Broadway plays, Sam Simon umbrellas. Photographers: Hans Knopf, Pix, Thomas R. Goodman, Jack Manning, Press Assoc., Acme, Bruce Bailey, Jack Albin, Bradley Smith, British Combine, Andrew L. Bunzick, Ike Vern, L.I. Oyster Growers, Hi Williams, INP, Sovfoto, J.B. Scott, Ann Rosener. VG+, tiny bruise/tear to front. [Book ID 125522] [Magazines]


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