Dark Desire! / Lash of Desire (2 vintage adult paperbacks)

Dark Desire! / Lash of Desire (2 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125765

Smith, George H. (author)

Various cities: Various Publishers, 1959, 1962. Vintage adult paperbacks by Southern writer George Harmon Smith, a Southerner who wrote adult paperbacks, mostly set in swamps. Not to be confused w/ the more prolific George Henry Smith, another Southerner who also wrote adult paperbacks. DARK DESIRE! - Chicago, IL: Newsstand Library / Magenta U115, 1959. Backwoods. Very Good. LASH OF DESIRE - Chicago,IL: Dollar Book / Dollar Double 950, 1962. Reprints "Soft Whip of Passion" (1959). Bound w/ PILLOW TRAMP by March Hastings (Sally Singer?). Robert Bonfils both covers art. Very Good, stickers, ink to wrapper.  [Book ID: 125765]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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