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Foto-rama (5 vintage pinup digest magazines, 1957-60)

Foto-rama (5 vintage pinup digest magazines, 1957-60)

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Foto-rama [The Photo Magazine of Headline Features] (5 vintage pinup digest magazines, 1957-60)


New York: Arena Publishing Corp., 1957-60. Distributed by Ace, then PDC/ID. B/W throughout, 130pp. Vintage long-running nearly-nude pin-up digest magazine devoted to celebrities, sports, vice, truce crime, swimsuit models, burlesque, wartime themes, loaded w/ photographs & great models (later issues w/ color inserts). Russ Meyer was a major contributor (was he Myron Fass, credited editor in several issues?). Similar to EYE, PIC, TAB, VUE, etc.; later issues (about 1960) began to feature nude photography, & by the end of its run, Foto-rama was essentially pornography. Still, one of the best of its kind.


V4 N10, November 1957: Scott Weldon cover/2pp/2-sided foldout! Greta Thyssen 9pp, Eisenhower, Lee Sharon, sex reassignment, baseball fans, house fav Shirley Kilpatrick 8pp, Edward G. Robinson, X-R rocket, Liz Taylor, Robert Flaherty, Guy de Maupassant, jungle cats, Coreen Rodella 9pp, Ingrid Bergman, Oriental sex cult, Donna Lee Davidson centerfold, convict confesses, sex party, Air Force helicopter carrier, Lynn Shaw, Silvanna Pampanini, sell body for dope, "Attack!" film, Gina Lollobrigida.


V6 N2, November 1958: Shirley Houser cover/6pp! Dope addicts, Marisa Allasio, space travel, Jayne Macklin, Melanie Morganthau 7pp/foldout, horror film monster contest, sharks, Claire Fitzpatrick 8pp/2-sided color fold-out (other side Morganthau), Margie Moran 7pp, Gina Lollobrigida, Janet Lake, buried treasure, Cynthia Brooks, Brandy Bryan, college girls.


V6 N7, August 1959: Sandy Lane cover! Venetia Stevenson, Pete De Cenzie (Russ Meyer assoc. on "French Peep Show"), Gina Lollobrigida, Nutrix checklist, phony hospitals, Brigitte Baum, juvies, Eric Fleming, Anita Ekberg dances, Suzy Miller, Lee Sharon, Colette Berne foldout/10pp, neo-Nazi groups & former Gestapo, Josanne Mariani, house fave Jennie Lee 8pp ("Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?"), Toni Meade, Shirley Wasden, Shirley Goode, Diane Webber 6pp, cartoons, Sue Snow ad, Troop.


V6 N8, October 1959" Chris Starr cover/11pp! Dope, man killed by flying saucer, mobsters (Lansky, Cohen), Gene Kelly, Chris James, James Cagney, Canada sports, werewolf victim memoir, Eydie Gorme, juvies, Frank Sinatra, June Wilkinson foldout/ad, Dolly Bell, cannibal, Edith Loyles, Texas kidnapping, John Wayne &William Holden fight, house fave Donalda Jordan 9pp, Dom Cassartelli, recognizing vampires, dreams, Garry Moore, cartoons (Troop).


V6 N12, June 1960: Uncredited cover, June Wilkinson rear cover/4pp! John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe 4pp, Ingo, May Britt, Art Students' Ball, radiation effects, beatnik girls, Tuesday Weld, aliens, Marlyn Maher 5pp, anti-cigarettes, Jenny Copeland, Sinatra, Mary Mose, hotrods, Julie London, Catalina flying boat, Mitzi Gaynor, killer wife?, Vikki Dougan, nympho confesses, Roberta Phillipi, Madeline Castle 1pg, Betty O'Ray, Sophia Loren 5pp, cartoons (Lyons, Troop).


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