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Hi / High / Ho! (6 vintage adult magazines bound together)

Hi / High / Ho! (6 vintage adult magazines bound together)

SKU: 125616

OH/NY: Periodical House, 1957-58. Six issues of vintage pin-up magazines, primitively but solidly bound together at the spines, blank paper spine, endpapers, wrapper. A selection of the short-lived oblong pocket magazines, perhaps designed to accompany the habitual "man on the go": fold pin-up magazines in half, place in shirt pocket, return to incessantly. Bent on pin-ups & music, great illustrations (some by Alvin Hollingsworth, Black artist of Harlem), boxing, "photo stories," color centerfolds (where stated). After issue one, Hi, title changed to High, and after these six issues became standard-size. Periodical House also published Ho!, but that too folded early, after just 2 issues. Distributed by Ace. Included: Hi (V1 N1, May 1957); High [The Tall Magazine for Men] (V1 N2, Aug 1957); Ho! (V1 N1, SEP 1957); High [The Tall Magazine for Men] (V1 N3, OCT 1957); High [The Tall Magazine for Men] (V1 N5, FEB 1958); High [The Tall Magazine for Men] (V1 N6, APR 1958). Highlights: Harold Robbins, James J. Pappas, Pix, Globe, Ed Lettau, Arthur Fellig, Weegee, Bob Willoughby (breastplacy), Wing, French cartoons, Lee Sharon, Marlyn Maher, Elvis Presley, Tina Louise, Bernard of Globe, Gerry Low, Frank Brookhouser, S. Harris, Albistur, Julie Newmar, Grand Guignol Theatre, Diane Webber, Maria Stinger, Bunny Yeager, Louis Armstrong, Pete Wyma, Jack Dempsey, Troop, Carolyn Wynn, jazz, Nona Van Tosh, female wrestling, Lonnie Young & snake, Theodore Sturgeon, pin-up ghouls calendar, Zahra Norbo, Dave Kashner whips Jennie Lee, Damon Knight, Earl Wilson, Lynn Lampert, Shirley Kilpatrick, Marrissa Allasio, S. American Follies, Lili St. Cyr, Three Lions, Harry Roskolenko, Bob Zahn, Hagglund, Julie Redding, Vikki The Back Dougan, Kabuki Theatre, Sandra Edwards, Abbe Lane. Very Good Plus.  [Book ID: 125616]  [Magazines]


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