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Hillman Books (5 vintage paperbacks)

Hillman Books (5 vintage paperbacks)

SKU: 125593

Phillip Race, Jean Forton, Mitchell Wilson, Michael Wells, Kay Martin (authors)
N.p.: Hillman Books, 1960. Five vintage paperbacks featuring cover art presumably by Mitchell Hooks or Ernest "Darcy" Chiriaka, although uncredited. Hard-boiled and romantic fiction. All VG+. HB179, 1960 - JOHNNY COME DEADLY HB181, 1960 - ISABELLE HB182, 1960 - NONE SO BLIND (basis for "Woman on the Beach" film) HB186, 1961 - THE CAPTIVES HB190, 1961 - PAYMENT IN SIN  [Book ID: 125593]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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