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Joanne Latham on Game, Gem, Genesis, High Society, Partner, Sensual Women

Joanne Latham on Game, Gem, Genesis, High Society, Partner, Sensual Women

SKU: 125345

Various cities: Various Publishers, 1978-89. Seven vintage adult magazines, all featuring British supermodel/yogi Joanne Latham, a house favorite, on the front. Joanne of course notable for her eye-catching figure and often icy, fatale stare, and the uproar her first nude photography layout arouse, ultimately going to Penthouse. This collection represents a few of the titles Joanne graced, both cover and internally, and a solid pillar of Latham high-points. Game: V7 N12, March 1981, Piccadilly Publications, B/W/Color throughout, 98pp, Joanne Latham (cover/layout/center loose/present), schoolgirl Jenny, glistening Franny, lipstick lesbians, a dozen other girls, short-haired Ruby. Sex toys, reader's letters, odd objects in crotches, caption contest, Sheila Rowan fiction, tons of ads (including Bettie Page). Art by Vic Martin, Steve Ferris. Moderate rubbing, slight water damage/bruises, corner creases. Good/Very Good. Gem: V31 N6, December 1989, B/W/Color throughout, began as JEM, Joanne cover/layout as Ami, Gloria in the tub, Mary Waters as May, Maura dusky in leather/motorcycle (center), Maggie the nurse. Stories/articles by Berman Goldman, Sam G. Zachary (doctor fiction), Joseph L. Manly, Mary B. Goldstein. Art by Stan Fine, Vic Martin. Light spine stress, light rubbing overall. Very Good Plus. Genesis: V6 N5, December 1978, Cycle Guide Publications. B/W/Color throughout, 111pp, soft-focus, Joanne (cover), bathing Annie (RBK), Marilyn Chambers letters, amateurs, boudoir Rose (Diana Hardy, center), lesbians by Patrick Barnes, slender blonde Therese (Diana Hardy). Film comment by Nick Tosches, Tom De Haven on gift books, Michael Bane on album covers, Tony Scaduto on the perfect crime, Ed Naha on 60s CIA, Joe Helleher on Alfa Romeo, Len Albin on Bernard King, hi-fis, Crystal Gayle interview. Art by Jose Cruz, Harry North, Burger, Foltz, Bob Zahn, Doug Hill. Light rubbing, short creases. Very Good Plus. High Society: V10 N10, July 1985, B/W/Color throughout, Joanne cover/layout by Donald Milne (frontal), rear cover of a familiar favorite, Gloria Leonard letters, Lisa on the yacht by Jerry Pasternak, baseball player Jay Johnstone, Claire working out by Alan Walton, Space Cadet lesbians by Suze Randall, Rebecca in boudoir by Suze Randall (center), car sex layout, blonde Anise by Pasternak. Articles/stories by Deborah Bennett, Dennis Stacy on UFOs, funny cars by Hans Ruedelstein. Art by Darden. Moderate rubbing/creasing overall. Very Good Plus. Partner: V1 N7, December 1979, Partner Publishing, B/W/Color throughout, 98pp, tabloid-style news reporting, Joanne Latham as Dolly Partner (cover, pull-out poster pak loose but PRESENT, folds out to crazy fireplace scene w/ rifle!), actress Dyan Cannon in "Child Under a Leaf" film, Barbara Hershey, busty Carol Doda & Ken Stabler, lipstick lesbians, buxom blonde Revlin (center), Tammy w/ garden hose, Gina Bon-Bon; Miss Nude World '79, Partner TV show, Xtazy swinger's club, B&D fashion. Art by Rue Morgue, Kevin Woodcock. Creasing, slight roll. Very Good. Partner: V2 N1, June 1980, Partner Publishing, B/W/Color throughout, 98pp, Joanne Latham as Dolly Partner (cover/layout), Kitten Natividad ("Ultravixens"), Bo Derek ("Love You"), Annie Sprinkle, teasing Barbara Nichols, Carol Doda strip how-to, Linda Morgan (tri-boob, by Ron Vogel), exotic lesbians, sweet blonde on a yellow couch, Andrea (Ron Vogel), Buccaneer gal, amateurs; "The Gang from G.A.S.M.," Seattle peep shows, Melodie Theatre in NY, Atlantis S/M club. Art by Moon ("Dirty Dog"), Dennis. Water damage to fore-edge. Very Good. Sensual Women: V4 N1, January 1980, B/W/Color throughout, 98pp, soft-focus, nearly every w/ centerfold, a SWANK imprint, Joanne Latham cover, Sonja (Heron Photos), Francie (Diana Hardy), Darla aka Kandi Barbour (Hardy), Mercedes (RBK), Loretta (RBK), Helene (RBK), Connie (Hardy), Francoise & Mimi (Rick Barnes), Lauren (Duane Hill), Janice (Zoom Photo Syndication LTD), Samantha (Zee Gajda). A scarce issue. Edge fading, light spine stress. Very Good Plus. [Book ID 125345] [Magazines]


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