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Leg Show (5 vintage adult magazines, 1987-2001)

Leg Show (5 vintage adult magazines, 1987-2001)

SKU: 125702

Hanson, Dian (editor)


Leg Show (5 vintage adult magazines, 1987-2001)


New York: Leg Glamour Inc., 1987-2001. Five vintage adult magazines, featuring solo & softcore photography emphasizing women in heels, garters, nylons, a penchant for Vaseline. Batters contributed to a handful of these issues, many of these magazines a tribute to his own publications, namely "Leg Art" & "Leg Language." 


V4 N8, September 1987: Pam Johnson, Leslie Sternbergh-Alexander, weightlifting Helena, Reginald Klein on legs, girls licking heels, Elmer Batters' foot favorites & ads, interracial Candy & Cookie, Shannon sex tips, A.R.S. ads.


V13 N7, November 1995: Roy Stuart, Eric Kroll, Jack Harrison, R.B.K., Kembra Pfahler (Warren Tang), Elmer Batters' steamy Italian car session, Wendy cover/layout,  wrestling 50s, Clemencon shoes, Saudelli comicstrip, Moran art, Rebecca Wilde.


November 1998 (no longer Volume #): Tessa Moore, Sardax art, Pommer story, Anais (Eric Kroll), Saudelli, Kimberly office, Taylor St. Claire red heels, Alazar, Pauline presents Drew on stairs, basic mallrats, Cheyanne amateur, Julia Parton ads.


August 2000: Madelyn Night, Alazar & Sardax, Cyberslut, Louise & Sharon BDSM (Stuart), Nina Hartley doms stud, Taylor in silver centerfold (J. Harrison), Mariel at bar (Richard Kern), vintage Roland Carre, Stuart Glimpse, Dee Licious (Stuart).


May 2001, 130pp: Tessa Moore, stairwell Amber (Krenova), zebra-print Dessire Barbre (Tang), Asian teacher Kim (R.B. Kane), Richard Kern, vintage Carre, brunette Ginger (Krenova), Albany Angela (Pauline), Roy Stuart Glimpse, Sylvia Saint ads.


Very Good Plus overall, faint rubbing. 


Full collation upon request. [Book ID 125702] [Magazines]


    Returns can be made within 30 days. 

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