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Lover / Legacy of Lust (2 vintage adult paperbacks)

Lover / Legacy of Lust (2 vintage adult paperbacks)

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Block, Lawrence as Andrew Shaw; Donald Westlake as Alan Marsh; Robert Bonfils (cover art)


Lover / Legacy of Lust (2 vintage adult paperbacks)


San Diego, CA: Nightstand / Leisure Book, 1961, 1963. First Edition, 16mo perfect-bound softcovers, 192pp, "pink & yellow" series, color cover art. Two vintage paperbacks, adult erotic novels published by William Hamling in the 1960s. Early Greenleaf, lurid but still without certain 4-letter words. Lover (Nightstand Book NB-1551, 1961, 75c cover price=perhaps a 2nd issue, Block as Shaw, Johnny Wells gigolo, reprinted in Block's newer "Classica Erotica" reprise series), Very Good, rubbing, lean, spine creases, tape ghost to rear. Legacy of Lust (Leisure Book LB-604, 1963, 60c cover price, Westlake as Marsh, a take on his usual Marshall, more campus lust, reprinted in 2020 by Ferox), Very Good, rubbing, slight warp, brief bumps. For mature, consenting audiences. Scarce early writing from two of  20th century's most accomplished authors. 


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