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Man to Man (vintage adult magazine, January 1967)

Man to Man (vintage adult magazine, January 1967)

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Lopez, Adrian B. (pub.); Gerald Repp, Tom McArdell, Walter Brasil, Ronald Regio (staff); Hank Reeves, Kay Beale, Robert S. Martin, George Antonich, Mercator Saturnus Player, Sylvan Porter, Jane Dolinger, Mike Berry (contributors); George Dole, Art Pottier, Carain, Ted Trogdon, Bob Tupper, Dennis (illus.)


Man to Man (vintage adult magazine, January 1967)


New York: Picture Magazines, 1967. VXVII (17) N1; B/W/Color throughout, 60 cents cover price, distributed by Kable, 62pp, saddle-stapled. Vintage adult magazine featuring nude pictorials, cartoons, fiction, editorials, forum, entertainment reviews, news. Ran 1949-82. Virginity, Lee Shirley 4pp, UFOs, transvestites, Porfirio Rubirosa, fiction (Porche, C.I.A., cults, cantinas, live performance), Didi Daniels 5pp/foldout, Ingrid Sullivan 2pp, jungle marriage, ribaldry, Tori Lambert cover/3pp/foldout.


Very Good, 4-inch tear to crown, stains to front.


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