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Mayfair (Vintage British adult magazine, Linda Gordon feature)

Mayfair (Vintage British adult magazine, Linda Gordon feature)

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Bound, Kenneth (ed.); Jim Bunker (art dir.); David Brenner (ed.); Colin Jones, Peter Martin, Ronald Cobb, Steve Kingston, Ed Alexander, David Crosswaite, Siwer Ohlsson, Roy Brewington, Peter Maddocks, Humphrey Evans, William Boddy, Lewis Onslow (contrib.); Lightbourne, Maddocks, Ronald Searle, Arthur Read, Michael Codd, Joe Wright, Honeysett, Leary, Ralph, Paul White, Ronald Cobb, Steve Kingston (illus.)


Mayfair (Vintage British adult magazine, Linda Gordon feature)


London, UK: Fisk Publishing Co. Ltd., 1977. V12 N8, August 1977; distributed by Seymour Press Ltd., B/W/Color, 114pp, 60 British pence cover price, saddle-stapled. Vintage British adult magazine devoted to nude and glamour photography (not pornographic), sex news, fiction/nonfiction, cartoons, jokes, forum. Ran 1965 to current, long-lasting answer to Playboy & Penthouse with equally stellar photography.


Linda Gordon as Stephanie Platt "Girl of the Month" outdoors in white, heels and jewelry cover/6pp/centerfold (Ohlsson), Linda Quinn poolside 6pp (Alexander), Short Stirling in WWII, Millicent Millichop flapper with bike 5pp (Crosswaite), two-timing, Stanley Steamers 3pp, Anna Noble from "The Spy Who Loved Me" 6pp, Diane Frankland red heels and sunbathing 6pp (Brewington), "Quest" human responses, Una Lyle tanlines on white bed 6pp, fiction ("Rape of the Cucumbers", "Baldness Be My Friend"), ads (cigarette/booze, Ella Fitzgerald, Mandy Kuypers, Caroline Dell, marital aids, massage parlors).


Very Good, slight roll, spine stress, rubbing, sticker to front, wrapper detached at top staple. For consenting, mature audiences. 


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