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Mehoopany Players Slides (Vintage photograph)

Mehoopany Players Slides (Vintage photograph)

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Mehoopany Players Slides (Vintage photograph)


Pennsylvania: privately printed, 1940s. Vintage photograph of a male baseball player sliding into home plate during practice,  while a mask-less catcher gets ready to make the tag. Barely visible is the name "Mehoopany" on the slider's jersey. The setting is likely Pennsylvania, the date 1940s or before, a hometown field w/ a chicken wire backstop & bats, bags, spare bases in the foreground, spare players on the background. Classic playing action w/ a runner in mid-flight! Mehoopany ("Place of Beads" in Native American) is located in Wyoming County in the Alleghany NE Pennsylvania, founded in 1844. Little is documented on baseball in the small town, but there were youth sport camps during the Depression, & a few fields still exist in the region, notably the Denny Robinson, Bob Schultz, & Jenks Softball fields. Mehoopany is also of note for being the hub of the equally ambiguous 1932 Floyd Hendershot publication, "Fascinatingly Instructive Game of Bible Baseball." Black/white, 8 x 9.75 inches, double-weight, small border, blank verso. Very Good Plus, a few tiny creases, smudges, & surface bruises. 


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