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Midwood Books (15 vintage adult paperbacks, 1964-68)
  • Midwood Books (15 vintage adult paperbacks, 1964-68)

    SKU: 125615

    CT/NY: Midwood Books, 1964-68. Fifteen vintage adult paperbacks, middle series, lurid fiction w/ illustrated covers. Certain 4-letter words not yet at play. All VG unless noted. Campus Kittens (32-417, 1964. Joan Ellis. Great Paul Rader cover. Sorority. VG+); The Other Extreme (32-419, 1964. Laura Duchamp / Sally Singer? Photo cover; jet-set swapping. G+); The Easy Way (32-421, 1964. Dallas Mayo. Rader cover. Jet-set, lesbian. G+); Private Property (32-425, 1964. Brad Curtis. Inheriting mistresses); For Want of Love (32-440, 1965. Amanda Moore. Photo cover. Play-going divorcee); One Night Stand (32-513, 1965. 2nd. Reprints 1962 edition. Dallas Mayo. Photo cover; stag film); Winner Take All (32-522, 1965. Mark Clements. Rader cover. Beauty pageants); Wild and Wicked (32-548, 1965. Laura Duchamp. Hatfield cover. Juvies); Under the Skin (32-825, 1967. Laura Duchamp. Photo cover. Movies. Reading copy); A Woman's Touch (33-728, 1967 [1966]. Vin Fields / Irving Greenfield? Tropics); Summer Set / Available (34-678, [1966]. Gil Herbert / Toni Stevens. Olson cover. Double novel. VG+); Company Girl / Take Me Home (34-801, 1967. Chad Denby / Donna May. Silver foxes. Double novel); Go Go Girl / A Special Talent (34-874, 1967. Bruce Dale / Eric Hamland. Alvara cover. Hippies, infidelity. Double novel); Warm Bodies / Gang Up! (34-889, 1967. Joan Ellis / Tammy James. Photo cover. Beaches/sororities. G+); The Project (43-571, 1960 [1968?]. Andrew Sinclair. Desert rocket, swapping).  [Book ID: 125615]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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