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Oui (4 vintage adult magazines, 1970s)

Oui (4 vintage adult magazines, 1970s)

SKU: 125842

New York: Hugh Hefner, 1973-74. Published by Hugh Hefner. B/W/Color throughout. Four back issues of the PLAYBOY companion, a major player in the late 1970s and early 1980s, notable for releasing issues showcasing Traci Lords. June, 1973, V2 N6: Andy Warhol "confused by vitamins" quote, Dickmobile vignette, motorcycles, N.O.R.M.L. full-pg ad, Roy Carruthers art, airline statistics, Bill Silano Morocco photos (center), Kiyoshi Iijima and Japanese politics, Mark Podwal sketches Lewis Carroll things, Ken Russell interview, sexy Andrea Rau layout, consumer guide to coffee, the isle of Ibiza. Very Good Plus. February, 1974, V3 N2: Roman Polanski's "What?", the world's richest country, Roger Lind on robots, Mordio art, Pat Anderson prairie layout, Jon Carroll on bisexuality, Pad Studio art, futuristic fashion, John A. Kurtz art, Dan Greenburg play about sex dolls, demure Violente layout, Marilyn Chambers interview, Kim Whitesides art, Grand Prix stats, Tyonek Village (Alaska), Hamburg's Reeperbahn dancers, Georgina Spelvin interview. Very Good. Lacking centerfold. July, 1974, V3 N7: Kaoru Ishihara Japanese artist, film reviews, Steven Englund on stealing Italian art, Jo Dallesandro & Stefania Casini soft-core, Don Roberts art, Jack Unruh art, upscale London fashion, Wolfman Jack & Brucie Morrow, cute blonde Lena (center), Dali interview, As Lay art, Japanese Miko layout, William Wiser fiction, answering machines, Nikki (great Freudian dream layout). Very Good. August, 1974, V3 N8: "Querell of Brest" by Jean Genet, Sylvia Kristel Dutch model layout, Pietro Di Donato on the Mafia, As Lay art, Voodoo bathing suits w/ Geoffrey Holder, Charles Shields art, Kurt Kohls, Beate Uhse, soft-core couple beachside (center), Peter Cook & Dudley More interview, naughty French art, Bill Majeski on the big O, wet theme photos, Michael Gross art, Leanne Moineau on golden sheets, sexy felt sculpture. Very Good.   [Book ID: 125842]  [Magazines]


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