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Physique Pictorial (61 vintage adult magazines, 1955-82)

Physique Pictorial (61 vintage adult magazines, 1955-82)

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Mizer, Bob (publisher, photographer)


Physique Pictorial (Archive of 61 vintage adult magazines, 1955-82)


Los Angeles, CA: Physique Pictorial, 1955-82. Archive of 59 vintage adult magazines, featuring nude & non-nude male models in glistening, rippling form, generally in "banana hammocks" or biker fashion. Published/photographed by Bob Mizer, w/ guest photographers throughout, Mizer's physique magazine was the first openly erotic magazine aimed at advancing the status quo of the American gay male, beginning as a "study" periodical & ending as softcore pornography, w/ collages of advertisements, imagery, & body measurements front to back, start to finish. Mizer published his "Physique Pictorial" for 40 years, & it erects a definitive monument in homosexuality and its representation through small press media. Bandits, bikers, banana hammocks, brawlers and brawn. 


Beginning issue V17N2, the magazine changed its numbering system to simply V18, V19, V20, etc. This issue is important as well for being Mizer's first nude issue. Notable issues include V7N1 (first Tom of Finland US appearance), V9N2 (Steve Reeves cover), V15N4 (bodybuilder Gable Boudreaux poses), V27 (nude Joe D'Allesandro), V40 (second to last issue, Jerry Suter cover; Suter was an adamant homophobe and hot-tempered, and he eventually agreed to nude wrestling photo sessions). 


Most issues Very Good Plus or better, many Near Fine.


Full collation upon request.


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