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Pic / Photo (4 vintage adult digest magazines, 1967-68)

Pic / Photo (4 vintage adult digest magazines, 1967-68)

SKU: 125618

New York: Tempest Publications, 1967-68. 4 vintage nude pin-up digest magazines devoted to celebrities, sports, vice, truce crime, swimsuit models, burlesque, wartime themes, loaded w/ photographs & great models. Both PHOTO & PIC published by Tempest Publications (NY), distributed by PDC, member CWP. B/W throughout, 98pp. Similar to EYE, PIC, TAB, VUE, etc. but more lurid, like same era FOTO-RAMA, w/ photography that recalls the work of Elmer Batters. Tabloid digests mostly faded away in the 1970s. Photo: V3 N9, Feb 1967: Buxom British fave Lorraine Burnett front cover! Evi Bartlet, submissive women, prison riots, cute Sandee Goldberg, gambling, Donalda Jordan 3pp, blonde Lisa Matthews 3pp, fantastic Sequin Garner 5pp, June Palmer as Lea Yoki 4pp, Liz Taylor & Frank Sinatra vignettes. V4 N3, Mar 1968: Uncredited cover models; priced now at 50 cents (formerly 35). Loose women, skiing, San Fernando brush fires, hippie love, Ulna Soma sneakers centerfold, typewriter art, modern Moscow, anti-war essay (Vietnam), pixie blonde Olga Lore, walrus at Wilhelma Zoo, vignettes [sports, Liz Taylor, Sinatra, Streisand. V4 N8,  Aug 1968: Uncredited front cover model Kathy Kornell rear cover! Dixie Dawson (Ulna Soma), Donna Reese, monkey fight, car wrecks, Michelle Angelo ad, Greek girls, Pauline Norton, Danish opera, karate, house fave Diane Curtis as Penny Walker, Nancy Dee, Virginia Gordon as Zelda Sasson, vignettes (Jean Jani, sports). Pic - V3 N6, Aug 1967: Buxom British fave Lorraine Burnett front cover, Donalda Jordan rear cover! Ailine w/ sword, Eadie Ellers, Iris Bristol?? ad, Rosina Revelle ads, Gee-Whiz 1pg, can police protect women?, occult photo-play, escape artist Steve Baker, circus, Rio carnival, belly dancers, Sequin Garner vignettes. Very Good Plus overall.  [Book ID: 125618]  [Magazines]


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