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Regal Novels (4 Vintage Paperbacks, 1967)

Regal Novels (4 Vintage Paperbacks, 1967)

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Regal Novels (4 Vintage Paperbacks, 1967)


[CA]: Regal Novels, 1967. First Editions, paperback originals, 12mo softcover, 95c cover prices, 1660pp, perfect-bound, color wrappers. Collection of 4 vintage paperbacks, adult erotic novels. Regal Novels published by same outfit for Saturn Novels and a few others. Great uncredited cover art from prolific painter, whose work graces several similar imprints. Series ran 1967 only. Included: Passionate Pair (Mel Radnik, RN-1130); On Stage, Wantons (Vic Terrault, RN-1133, actresses); Friendly, Passionate Neighbors (Carl Kamens, RN-1134, swapping & swinging); Shameless Game (Roger Hanley, RN-1144). Remainder (1134). Good (1130, 1134), Very Good Plus (1133, 1144). Scarce series. For consenting, mature audiences. 


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