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Salon Photography / Peter Basch Photographs Beauties of the World

Salon Photography / Peter Basch Photographs Beauties of the World

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Basch, Peter, and Leon Stashin, Simpson Kalisher, Peter Gowland, Zoltan Glass, Hy Peskin, Edward Lettau, Fritz W. Neugass, Kyu Ei, Gita Lenz, Mary Eleanor Browning, Camera Clix, Philip Genreau, R.J. Birnback, Samuel Grearson, Danny Rouzer (contributors)

Greenwich, CT: Fawcett, 1953, 1958. Distributed by ID. B/W throughout, 144pp, near 6.5 x 9.25 inches. Two vintage digest magazines from Fawcett's prolific How-To series, publisher of some of the best photography studies material of the era. In addition to interesting cultural imagery, the How-To series also Fawcett's attempt to sell material as erotica went from paperbacks to magazines, shifting the markets. Both issues present feature work by Peter Basch. Salon Photography (N205, 1953), Peskin can-can front, Stashin 35mm salon prints, Glass sculptured nude/1pp Pamela Green, Basch photomontages 8pp/2pp glamor, Lettau at beach/, Kalisher plane mechanics, Neugass in Mexico, Ei photograms, sports, Lenz greenhouse plants, Browning surgery scenes, Gowland seaside glamour (Hazel Shaw, Madeline Castle, Mara Corday), modern architecture, Gendreau at the zoo, Birnback on Daguerreotypes, Grearson on camera clubs, small circus performer, nudes, steelworkers, pirates. Very Good, wrapper detached but present. Peter Basch Photographs Beauties of the World (N377, 1958), grand collection of Basch in the US (Native American Betty Coyote Threatt, Lee Remick, Natalie Wood, Grace Kelly, Kim Novak, Judy Foster, Tina Louise, Colleen Farrington, Julie Gibson, Susan Harrison), international (various models hiding faces juxtaposed w/ classic sculpture), Germany (Gudula Blau, Sonya Sorrell, Evelyn Bey, Vera Anderson, Hildegard Neff), Far East (Michiko Hamamura, Machiko Kyo, Hawaiian Room), Scandinavia (Anita Ekberg, Zahra Norbo, Eva Lynd, Ingrid Bergman, Gita Hall), Hungary (Ava Norring, Sari, Iby Karody), England (Sally Ann Howes, singer Yana, Mara Lane, Doreen Lord, Deborah Kerr, Jean Simmons, Diane Cilento, Marla English), Austria (Gerlinde Locker, Romy Schneider), France (Brigitte Bardot, Mylene Demongeot, Etchika Choureau), Canada (Simone Auger), Spaine (Paquita Rico, Abbe Lane, Carmen Sevilla), Italy (Rosanna Schiaffino, Silvano Mangano, Lita MilanElsa Martinelli, Marisa Allasio, Giorgia Moll, Antonella Lualdi, Anna Filipini). Vitasafe ad rear panel. Very Good Plus  [Book ID: 125926]  [Magazines]


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