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Shirley Houser, cover model (Vintage digest pin-up magazine & paperback)

Shirley Houser, cover model (Vintage digest pin-up magazine & paperback)

SKU: 125734

Louis Malley (author)

New York: Vue / Avon T394, 1958. Blonde pin-up model on both VUE magazine and SHAKEDOWN STRIP, an Avon paperback, circa 1958. Shirley was a somewhat popular 50s/60s "men's magazine" model, photographed by the likes of Keith Bernard (like here on VUE), and whose image struck even paperback artists (maybe Chiriaka on the paperback??). She appeared in PEEP SHOW magazine, and this image was also used on the adult fiction paperback STORIES FOR A HOT NIGHT (All Star Book, 1961). Vue (non-nude digest magazine): V11 N5, SEP 1958, Shirley cover/3pp layout by Bernard! Photographers: Globe, European, Lions, GH, Vogel, David Mills, Maples Gorwin, Puhn, Roland, Combine, Posner, Sutton, Kemp, Ace Williams, etc. Liz Renay & Mickey Cohen, Munich airport crash, Jayne Macklyn, camera club girl Heather Christie, Jean Jani, paper mache Mansfield, sweet Jeanne Williams, nudists (Evelyn West), Phil Blake drag queen ball, Candy Barr & jail (color 1pp), Paulette Nelson, Renee Patryn, vignettes (Rita Grable, Lynn Shaw, Lorelei, Sequin Garner), Monique Van Vooren (Andy Warhol patron), Adele Baker, hot Connie London, Jayne Mansfield 1pp. Shakedown Strip (Louis Malley, Avon T-394, c. 1958 reprint). Both Very Good overall.  [Book ID: 125734]  [Magazines]


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