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Sue Snow, Margie Moran nudists (3 Vintage pinup calendars)

Sue Snow, Margie Moran nudists (3 Vintage pinup calendars)

SKU: 125555

Various cities: N.p., 1957, 1960, 1963. 3 full-color desk calendars featuring pinup girls in the nude, likely made by the same mail-order company for distribution in Burlington (VT, NJ??), Silver Spring, MD, and Chicago, where smut was heavily distributed. Slide the month tab to reveal hidden treasures! Prolific Marilyn Monroe-esque pinup model Arlene Hunter and little known and buxom nudist Suzanne Snow, featured on one calendar (1957), Margie Moran (1960), and models from men's magazines like ADAM are featured on the other (1963). Cool items from bygone pinup glory days. Scarce. Approx. 5.5 x 5.5 inches, coated paper and cardboard, with month tabs either glued or stapled. January 1957 is missing the previous 12-months (Jan-Dec 1956), and is lightly soiled and handled; other calendars Near Fine. Calendars seem not to have been used much on a desk, as their tabs are in nice shape. A House Favorite. [Book ID 125555] [Erotica]


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