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Tab [The Pocket Picture Magazine] (7 vintage pin-up digest magazines, 1955-58)

SKU: 125325

[Carnival Magazine Corp.]


Tab [The Pocket Picture Magazine] (7 vintage pin-up digest magazines, 1955-58)


New York: Carnival Magazine Corp., 1955-58. Distributed by ID/K, B/W throughout, ~130pp. Vintage long-running non-nude pinup digest magazine devoted to celebrities, sports, vice, truce crime, swimsuits, burlesque, wartime themes, copious photographs & great models (later issues w/ color inserts). Similar to Eye, Foto-rama, Pic, Vue.


V5 N1, April 1955: Betty Brosmer, Monique Van Vooren, parachute dog, Paris Galant, Lynn Roebuck, Marla English, medicine men, Kim Novak, Michelle Headle, Valerie Vernon, Sheree North, pantomimes, Jessica Rogers, Tangara in Baltimore w/ snakes. 


V5 N6, February 1956: Sophia Loren, B. Bardot, Maria Stinger, Diana Dors, Gerda Schmidt, Berber tribe, Christine Christy, Robert Rees as Tamara Courtland, Meg Myles, Maria Frau, Irish McCalla, Phyllis Applegate, Marion Brash, Bettie Page 1pp.


V6 N4, October 1956: Sally Todd, Samerjan, Pappas, Leaf, Miami b-girls, Everglades, Art Students League Ball, Georgia Le Beuer, Lynn Roebuck, Jessica Rogers, Tempest Storm, Gay Dawn, Betty Hall, Louis Matter, Lois Bishop, Becky McClain.


V6 N6, February 1957: Marilyn Maher, Klaw, Tempest Storm, Gerri Sequin Garner, Dawn Richards, Mylene Nicole, Val Guest, Houdini fans, Eagle Men, bras, Carolyn Thomas, Gloria Pall, lady cops, Lynn Barton, bike cartoons, monkeys, Sophia Loren. 


V7 N2, June 1957: Betty O'Ray, Flatow, Prange, Kim Novak, SAC squad, Wanda Barbour, Simone Auger, Lynn Connor, Shirley Cook, female wrestling, Jackie Miller, ostriches, Sara Dolley, Hamburg, Venus the Body, Margie Moran, Elsa Martinelli. 


V7 N5, December 1957: Lydia Jean, Bunny Yeager, Lee Sharon, g-strings Japan, tornados, Priscille Birt, Virgin Islands vice, ribald cartoons, tree benders, Norma Jean Jani & Joyce Winfield, Ripley's Odditorium, "Li'l Abner" (Julie Newmar), Oona Diehl. 


V7 N6, February 1958: Dawn Oney, K. Bernard, B. Bernard, Leaf, Flatow, DiBiase, Swiss Alps, Cheryl Kubert, King Hussein, Jo Ann Arnold, prison, Shirley Kilpatrick (Sheila), Lee Wilson, Hitler, Anita Ekberg, Debra Paget, Pam Perry, Katsuhiro.  


Very Good Plus overall.


Full collation upon request.  [Book ID 125325] [Magazines]


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