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Tales for a Sexy Night, Volume 2 (Vintage Paperback, 1973)

Tales for a Sexy Night, Volume 2 (Vintage Paperback, 1973)

SKU: 125119

Wood, Jr., Ed, D.; Chuck Kelly (edited by); Neil Weisbecker (art); Joshua Arbol, Merv Denton, Jules Martin, R.J. Dixion, Milton Newberry, Charles D. Anderson, Scott Raye, Derek Hunter (contributors)


Tales for a Sexy Night (Vintage adult paperback, 1973)


Los Angeles, CA: Gallery Press, 1973. V2 [N2], 1973. Vintage adult paperback, featuring five stories by Edward D. Wood Jr., being "Final Curtain," "To Kill a Saturday Night," "Craps," "Calamity Jane Loves Hosenose Kate Loves Cattle Anne," "In the Stony Lonesome." These stories presumed reprints from Gallery Press magazines 1969-72. Wood wrote for Calga and Pendulum Publishers in the early 1970s, fiction & nonfiction, a prolific film director & noted transvestite.


Other stories: The Sex Slave of Planet Z; The Sex Decathlon; OH; Sunday's Always a Bad Day; Gang Bust; Into Thin Air; The Hustler; Polly and Henrietta; Red Light; The Adventures of Hajii Duval; The View. Illustrations throughout by Weisbacker. 


Near Fine, slightly wavy. Remainder clip. [Book ID 125119] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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