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Tiger (Vintage pin-up magazine, May 1957)

Tiger (Vintage pin-up magazine, May 1957)

SKU: 125667

Dal Stivens, Frank Romano, Frederick J. Goshe & Lawrence Keogh on Custer, Richard Snodgrass, Dan Burley on jazz, Baron F.K.E. von Oppen on Winchesters, Sam Elkin (boxing), William Sambrot (authors); James Axelrod, Bonestell, Hagglund, Sabo, Flanigan, Stan Fine, Polvogt (artists)
Chicago, IL: Reynard Publications, 1957. Distributed by ANC. B/W throughout, 66pp. Vintage non-nude pinup magazine devoted to models, pinups, jazz, & fiction. Relatively short-lived, w/ ties to Duke (magazine), legendary Black American pin-up title. VII N2, May 1957. Brunette Margie Moran as Kathie Summers 2pp baseball wrapper/layout, Debra Goodrich 9pp/centerfold (Russ Meyer??), Meg Myles 3pp (Earl Leaf), correspondence w/ Nona Van Tosh, house favorite Barbara Nichols 2pp mock ads! Very Good.  [Book ID: 125667]  [Magazines]


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