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Young and Hot (6 vintage adult paperbacks, 1980s)

Young and Hot (6 vintage adult paperbacks, 1980s)

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Young and Hot (6 vintage adult paperbacks, 1980s)


S. Laguna, CA: Publisher's Consultants, 1981-82. $3.50 cover prices, distributed by Parliament News. Six vintage adult paperbacks, featuring full-color photographic covers of nude women. One of the more eye-catching PN lines, w/ bright yellow wrapper & paint splash design. lasted a few years, roughly 100 titles. 1982 saw removal of "Young and Hot" title banner from front panels. College love or similar themes throughout.


Her College Education (YH103, 1981, Mike Craig, spicy brunette cover); 

Roadside Sex (YH135, 1982, Toni Ellis, alluring blonde in black lingerie cover);

Karla's Little Pussy (YH143, 1982, Paul barman, sultry brunette w/ music note necklace cover); 

Sharon's Older Lovers (YH142, 1982, H.R. Hooper, brunette w/ pink sash cover); 

Schooltime Lust (YH165, 1982, Jerry Stone, tempting curly blonde cover); 

Lusting Chicks (YH164, 1982, Claire Graven, spicy blonde cover).


Very Good Plus overall, all remainder clip, stickers & numerical stamps to a few. Scarce imprint. [Book ID 126062] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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