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Texas native & natural Latin style dancer, Candy Barr (1935-2005) was a heyday burlesque performer. Her dimensions 38-22-36 catch you as they twirl & vibrate onstage, notable are select astonishing proto-twerk moves. Candy had a tumultuous life she to kept well bottled, but controversies involving the stag film "Smart Aleck," the Mob, marijuana, & Oswald-ender Jack Ruby are enough to keep anyone inside, away from cameras. her brief later appearances always light, soft, like embodied poetics the likes of Plath. She even wrote her own volume in 1972, unfortunately & accurately titled, "A Gentle Mind...Confused." That sentiment must have resounded throughout the burlesque circuit of her era. However confused Candy was, her natural talents & assets continue to astound. Of the best of the accessible burlesque greats. 

Sullivan 22. 

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