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Ventura, California, native Candye Kane (1961-216) left the existential barrier as a plump, aging rhythm & blues singer with an admirable past as an adult film star, pinup, & ho-down stripper. Music surrounded Candye from the start, performing before live audiences, & usually fast swingin' country or blues band. Come early 1980s, adult magazines devoted to plus-size models made Candye a fetishist's dream, repeatedly showing up in both high & low caliber publications, notably Gent, Parliament, & Golden State imprints. She even goes hands-free as a typing librarian on a Corinth/Greenleaf paperback! Her roles in sex-positive activism are important, including an organized vigil for a fallen San Diego prostitute during an "International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers" celebration. What better visionary & strong-willed persona to identify with the perils of sex & sex work than those involved? That will readily apparent in her iconography, whether posing that indefatigable body seemingly of solid marble solo in rainbow eyeshadow, or fucking Peter North on a tall wicker bucket seat in "The Hot House," Candye is a cornerstone of voluptuous love-making at its best, taking it all in stride before the camera, before the mic. 

Astoundingly overlooked, & unseen in Sullivan, therefore no dimensions consensus. Also her wiki entry originates in Germany. Holy Well-Stacked Books Rubenesque Trinity. 

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