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Perhaps Elmer Batters' most dynamic model (after Carushka), Diane Curtis was undeniable for a few years, attaining notoriety as both session model and cover girl. Sullivan overlooks the bouffant babe in his "Glamour Girls" encyclopedia, but through no fault of his own. Diane remains another mystery of the pinup world, thus she is not documented in the first place: rarely appearing with the same name throughout her career, few current websites with information beyond a black-and-white photograph, and her professional career as a nude model seems to have lasted maybe 6 years, without falling into hardcore pornography. However long the magic lasted, Diane's appearances are unforgettable, oozing charm and grace in a healthy skin, purposeful tan lines, spritely persona, and an upstairs to lounge around in. She MAY have become a teacher once she left the model scene, but don't waste your time guessing. Diane was adaptable and cute, the type of hardworking, cooperative model that photographers envision. Notable is an issue of Batters' "Leg Language" (where Carushka has also appeared) as a desert gypsy in heels/hose/garters. She also did an interesting color layout in "Mr." with an unstoppable centerfold.

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