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California native redhead Donalda Jordan (c. 1938-??), grew up in Miami, which may account for her sun-kissed complexion and beach friendly physique. With dimensions 41-24-36, no wonder Russ Meyer kept close by to capture the essence. Her tenure in modeling can not be ignored, as she worked with great photographers in great magazines, and her iconography is laden with class and ease. Other women, like Sophia Loren & June Palmer, melt into Donalda's creamy bronze skin, tomboy sensibilities, and soul-setting smile. Was she Latina, Jewish, European? She was a perfect connection from one of those worlds to the next, burning hot like a comet, and disappearing just as fast. Lest she live in nothing but a crafty smile should we admire her like a virgin Mary. 

Non-numbered in Sullivan.

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