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Some of the best pinup photography of the 20th century is attributed to two individuals, Eve Meyer (1928-1977), and her husband, Russ. Most who know of Russ are aware of his tastes, almost religiously so. But how many hope to gain a similar vantage point, beyond a short viewing and a handshake below the belt? Russ was a lucky man. He was also brilliant. As the greatest artists find the greatest influence so close to home, he need only roll over and throw a meaty, hairy forearm over the smoldering pinup queen. She even acted in several of Russ's films, amongst his earliest color projects. She exuded warmth and a femme fatale command all at once, was among the earliest of well-regarded buxom models. Was it an always genuine smile, a highly erotic come hither from a washtub in the backyard, or the girl gang veteran appeal? Sadly, she didn't stick around long enough to let us gather our thoughts, having died in a 1977 airplane accident that received little media coverage. It's like she just flickered away when her work had just got rollin'. Until her death she was a glowing, evolving madala of perseverance and feminine elegance. She's one reason people like me begin collecting, and a definite reason to continue.

Notable appearances of the dirty blonde with dimensions 39-25-35 include one-shot digests, Night & Day issues, Playboy 6/55, & nearly any sessions she photographed herself, my favorite perhaps the centerfold in Monsieur magazine

Sullivan 132. 

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