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Nebraska native leggy action hero Irish McCalla (1928-2002) popped up post-WWII & was instantly different thus on-repeat in pinup & glamor magazines, instantly recognizable dimensions 39-24-38 gave her audience the Amazonian wonder they didn't know they wanted, or the spitting image of a friend's older sister. Irish was tall, toned & buxom, without an oz. in unideal places. Early appearances can easily go missed, but her elfen face, woman warrior physique, & repeated layouts showcasing her working out or exercising progressively better her canon. She became what the media industry had been grooming her to be: "Sheena, Queen of the Jungle," a rapid, agile, healthy woman leaping from limb to limb in leopard print. "Sheena" was her TV persona, weekly in mid 1950s, propelling her from pinup to pop-culture icon. Afterwards she returned to painting, and an original work depicting a farmhouse hangs in my dining room. Oh were it a self-portrait!

Sullivan 42. 

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