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Kansas City native Jennie Lee (1928-1990) was "The Bazoom Girl" throughout her career as a model, pinup, & dancer, sporting dimensions 42-28-38 & an uncanny ability to glide on high heels. Her performances onstage were enticing, eyebrow-raising, lip-licking under-the-counter sideshows, the type that should've been, but was not, at the carnival. Jennie bounced like no other. Limber for a taller than average woman, quick reflexes a result of her obviously practiced routines. While dancing in clubs, Jennie had roles in stage and film productions, mused the beachboy duo Jan & Arnie, & actively fought for strippers' rights. Some years later she arrives on the nude pinup magazine racks, often in Parliament News titles devoted to buxom women. Jennie stripped for so long the influence must by now be sewn into us, something we dont always notice but is the reason we're not in a huddled mess on the floor. A regular icon at the Burlesque Hall of Fame. 

Sullivan 239.

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