She's known as Gabrielle, Joy, Joyce Grable; Missouri native Joyce Spaeth (1942-2012) was a complete hippie package, including a personality to match her sun-kissed tan lines & California readiness. But who was Joyce? For the money ($5 for nearly 130 sets of breasts, almost half as much bush, Joyce was one of the shapeliest of 70s solo pinups. Maybe she was a pinup on the pegboard walls of auto shops, maybe not, but I pin her up here. We don't know a lot about her, a buxom half-Native American woman with legs for days, nor much of what came before/after. She appeared in magazines almost entirely devoted to her, keeping posterity close by. Tan-lines were in, obviously, a contrast really motivated the soul of a b/w photo, really punched the color photos. Joyce's negative spaces hold true, but somehow stir her aura of Native American mother-type into So-Cal beachcomber. It's the thought that counts. She knew what she was doing, knew what the affluent trends were of tit/ass models who stop short of photo shoots with partners. She was "solosexual" to me (the best always are). Make some flatbread, jewelry & shawls, feathers in your hair, strip down to stockings, make a few bucks. Surprising, the regularity of appearing & disappearing with haste models of the era employ.

A while back I blogged about her, the "Busty Babe" magazine a hot topic, & behold an interested reader commented, saying that he knew Joyce in California. We carried on in email after some time, the man (let's call him Bill) ecstatic to be able to talk about the apartment building they shared before it mysteriously exploded. No one was hurt save the person committing suicide in the apartment next to Joyce's; Bill's was across the hall. He & Joyce drank wine, told jokes, made love, & she never talked much about her modeling gig. Some do it just for money, an attitude that can often impede the artform, but Joyce seems genuine in every pose, like the cameramen just showed up one day like a solicitor, happening upon a leggy brunette in the buff. Bill's wife probably knew about his one-time neighbor. The secrecy with which we corresponded speaks otherwise.

Unlisted in Sullivan, no dimensions available. Joyce was presumably taller than average, bustline slightly more than waist & ass. 

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