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Karen Brown is assuredly an enigma of the adult market of the mid 1970s: literally bursting into view around 1974, living legendarily for a few years, then popping up in later magazines featuring women of the past. Easily the biggest women of her time & place, presumably born around California (but also perhaps of foreign birth, like Germany), super plus-size dimensions & easily weighing over 200lbs, Karen made several appearances in fetish magazines devoted to XL/buxom women, even titles like "Plump Pussies," although Karen's assets were visibly proportional to her short, stocky frame, sporting fantastically large breasts, bronze skin w/ tan lines so popular at the time, & the faintest highway of belly-to-bush peach fuzz. Her truncular thighs steadily bore the weight of a hefty blue-veined bosom, plump tummy, prominent posterior, & thick but powerful arms; had Elmer Batters stuck to curvaceous models like the iconic Carushka, Karen would have been next in line. A cherubic face, proud smile, often jet-black hair (she was a natural brunette), helped steamroll the way for models like Candye Kane, Christine Cooper, & ALL of the BBW models/performers of today, including Samantha Anderson, having posed for prolific photographers like Ron Vogel (maybe) & Donald Milne, mostly appearing in Parliament News titles. She also performed a few solo routines on film, including some w/ sex toys & whip cream.

Take a look back, ladies, see who made it possible for your generation of plus-size pinups & porn stars. I ask why she goes unheralded in mainstream collections like Sullivan's "Glamour Girls Encyclopedia," or even other women similarly shaped. Vintage Erotica Forum has 7 pages of Karen, mostly appearances from mags. Well-Stacked Books Holy Rubenesque Trinity.

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