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Kirsten Anderson is another puzzle of the nude model market of the mid 1970s. I first came upon her credited as "Darla Hood." This may have been a name attributed to Kirsten in part to facial features shared by she and the actual Darla Hood, actress who played "Darla" on the 1930s television show, "Our Gang." That actress died in 1979, just a few years into Kirsten Anderson's modeling career, plus the obvious fact that Kirsten couldn't have been more than 28 (putting her unknown birth somewhere early 1950s), it is apparent the two women are two different women. No mystery is lost when the clues are dead giveaways. So Kirsten also appeared as Susan Burton, maybe her real name, and Toni Olsen, credited by those at A.R.S. (image suppliers for many erotic publications, like "The Big Breast Book"). I prefer Kirsten, the name I have seen most, one that seems most plausible. Her natural curvaceous dimensions, bubbly, coy & contemplative disposition, kept her glowing into the 1970s, her image also turning up in more contemporary throw-back titles. She, along with others like Karen Brown & Carushka, turned on the burgeoning free sex community to the less emaciated side of modeling, and a good thing. These models are important both as women and as progressive icons of body positivity (not to mention all the money their splendid forms manifested magazine publishers). However little or however much Kirsten was paid, she always looked pleasant, attractive, confident. She even eschewed a dominant, sexual animalism on occasion. Well-Stacked Books Rubenesque Top 5.

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