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21 [The Magazine for Young Men] (Vintage digest magazine, 1951)

21 [The Magazine for Young Men] (Vintage digest magazine, 1951)

SKU: 125726

Concord, NH: 21 Publishing Corp, 1951. V1 N1, Aug 1951. Vintage digest magazine, premier issue (publishers of the Parents' Magazine), all things Americana and international, early postwar title, heavy emphasis on sports and military. This issue 130pp, w/ 3pp Andre de Dienes. Encompassing but short-lived version, would later become the standard size men's magazine, presumed. Quentin Reynolds baseball, Ezzard Charles, Stanley Woodward, Rowland Barber, Milton Berle, Robert Sellmer, James Dugan, Lena Horne, Judy Hall, Jane Russell, Gregg Sherwood, Joan Gray, Jean Conrad, cartoons Pomarico, Von Riegen, Caplan, Kenne, Albano, Colin, Tobin, Gordin, Wenzel, Roir, Pearson. Armed forces, baseball, lousy lovers, sports books. Good only, text detached from wrapper but present, spine chips.  [Book ID: 125726]  [Magazines]


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