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40rty [Forty] Plus (Vintage nude playing cards)

40rty [Forty] Plus (Vintage nude playing cards)

SKU: 126449

[Burtman, Leonard]


40rty [Forty] Plus (Vintage nude playing cards)


New York: 40rty Plus, 1970s. Vintage playing cards in original box, featuring prolific models of the 1960s-70s, notably Roberta Pedon, Roxy Brewer, Uschi Digard, Michelle Weiner, Arlene Bell, Laura Lynnwood, Sylvia McFarland, Kirsten Anderson, Jennie O'Reilly, and more, topless and enticing. One of a handful of great fetish decks ever produced, and a plentiful representative of the bosom-worshipping genre.


40rty Plus began as a 1960s digest magazine featuring illustration by Eric Stanton, published by Leonard Burtman, showcasing the female figure, specifically the bust. Burtman would eventually dominate fetish publishing as moral climates expanded, with cross-dressing titles, too. Many popular models of were regulars in his titles, including Pedon, Brewer, and Digard. 


2.5 x 3.5 inches, full color photographic cards. 54 cards, complete, in original box. Cards Near Fine, box Very Good.


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