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Ace / Rogue / Swank (8 vintage adult magazines bound together, 1959-61)

Ace / Rogue / Swank (8 vintage adult magazines bound together, 1959-61)

SKU: 125672

Various cities: Various Publishers, 1959-61. Eight issues of vintage adult magazines, primitively but solidly bound together at the spines, blank paper spine, wrapper, endpapers; uniformly trimmed. Presumably made by amateur binder or hobbyist, perhaps collected for certain authors/models/artists. Assorted mix, top newsstand titles w/ lots of photos, foldouts, & ads. B/W/Color. VG+ overall. Present in this volume: ACE [The Magazine for Men of Distinction] (V2 N5, FEB 1959, Dawn Richards, ghost fiction, Boccaccio, Charles V. Nemo, Madeline Morgan, Joan Grant, Mlle. Yvette parrot dance, Carol Carson); (V3 N4, DEC 1959, Doris Gohlke, risque albums, Julia Brulette, paternity tests, Saroyan as beatnik, Ted Mark, horse bets, Irv Doktor, Gloria DeWinter, Karen Dodge, Fontainebleu in Miami (Bunny Yeager vignette), Dawn Danielle, Jacqueline Petit, Mary Rogers, Dallas burlesque, Shirley Skates); (V4 N1, JUN 1960, Leila Jazy, beatniks, E. von Stroheim, Petronious, Leonard Bishop,  Hagglund, Linkert, Majo Pauly, Marie Odile France, Gwen Hooven, Jamie O'Neill, Allyson Sanborn secretary, Janice Lee, Ursula Lorenz); (V4 N6, APR 1961, Yvette Morrow, Connie Sellers, Neal Brooks, Bob Newhart, Hawaiian Malia Olandag, Helen Wood chess, Tinker Bell, Barbara Stanley, Marli Renfro, Alice Denham, Barbara Janett). ROGUE (V4 N6, AUG 1959, Edwin Stephens & Bunny Yeager cover, Nat Hentoff, Jack Kerouac, Robert Bloch, Harlan Ellison, Sam Wu, Harold W. McCauley, Reamer Keller, Wyma, Bonestell, Porches, bohemians, Terri Steele, Pat O'Connell); (V6 N2, FEB 1961, Richard A. Thompson & Ray Komorski cover, Alfred Bester, Lenny Bruce, Evan Hunter, William F. Nolan, Irwin Spector, Harlan Ellison & Joe L. Hensley, Jerold Clay Jr., Keith Bernard, Ed Alexander, Ron Vogel, Mel Kasper, Bunny Yeager, Dak, Virgin Islands, Ian Fleming, Marjorie Friend, Chicago blues). (V6 N5, MAY 1961, Norma Jean Jani, Bester, Ben Hecht, Nelson Algren, Dak, Jack Crow, Soho, British jazz, Brendan Behan, Susan Harrison, Scotland). SWANK (V8 N3, JUL 1961, Galaxy cover, Nat Hentoff, John Williams, Tuli Kupferberg, Jonas Mekas, John Flesh, William Burroughs, de Carlo art, Ann Atmar, Billie Holliday, beatniks, Dore Orlando, Annie Andrew). Full collation details available upon request.  [Book ID: 125672]  [Magazines]


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