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American Sunbather [and Nudist Leader] (6 vintage nudist magazines, 1955-56)

American Sunbather [and Nudist Leader] (6 vintage nudist magazines, 1955-56)

SKU: 125863

Packwood, Norval E. (executive director); Mervin Mounce (editor); Ed lange, Kit Lawrence, Graham Bailey, Ken Weaver, Reid Schumacher, Martin Collier, John Collins (photographers/artists)

Spokane, WA / Mays Landing, NJ: A.N.L. Publishing Co., 1955-56. Four vintage educational magazines devoted to the brief but important counterculture of nudism. B/W throughout, color wrapper, ~26pp. Member magazine of the ASA (American Sunbathing Association). Articles, fiction, religion, and legality issues, presented with air-brushed photography of daily nudist living, including an emphasis on family ties. Photographer Lange would later collect & curate many similar magazines in his multi-volume "Nudist Magazines of the 50s & 60s." Included are five Sunbather issues, and one Nudist Leader issue. Vol V N9, issue 45, September 1955: foot massage, Martin Collier, Lester Black / Collins cartoons. Vol V N9, issue 46, October 1955: Christopher Bernard, J. Reed Suplee, Cedar Waters fire engine, Reid Schumacher (Sierratans), L. Black / Stan Fine  / Cecil Lowen cartoons, Norm Cook. Vol V N11, issue 47, November 1955: June Lange, Siskiyou Fraternity, Lupin Lodge, Diane Webber vignette, Francis Black (Colorado conventions), Lee Garland, L. Black cartoons. Vol VI N1, issue 50, February-March 1956: Martin Collier story/photos, Neils Finsen, Ed Lea cover, L. Black cartoons, Diane Webber & husband at Samagatuma 1pp. Vol VI N6, issue 53, June 1956: house favorite Suzanne Snow cover/2pp at Swallows club in San Diego (Lea), Donald Johnson story, Geo Stewart / Collins  / Black / Hagglund cartoons, Jack Brown. [Nudist Leader] Vol VI N10, issue 57, October 1956 (Special Supplement originally issued w/ copies of the ASA Edition, & not air-brushed): Suzanne Snow oceanside 3pp/vignettes (Lea), Donald Johnson 5th/final story installment, Clair Stoner convention review, Williams / Black cartoons. About Near Fine overall.   [Book ID: 125863]  [Magazines]


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