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At Home [The Magazine of Sexual Fulfillment] (9 Vintage adult magazines, 1978-80

At Home [The Magazine of Sexual Fulfillment] (9 Vintage adult magazines, 1978-80

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[Flynt, Larry]; Peter Herd, Hugh Bell, Norman Mosallen, Neil Slaven (contrib. photogs.)


At Home [The Magazine of Sexual Fulfillment] (9 Vintage adult magazines, 1978-80)


Rockaway, NJ: At Home Magazine, 1978-80. Collection of 9 vintage magazines, adult erotic and sexual education content, distributed by Larry Flynt (Hustler), b/w/color throughout, all saddle-stapled. Notable sex education softcore layouts, articles on swinging, authors, marital aids, games, letters, music, mixology, adult nightlife. Most institutions without holdings, oddly. Apparently 2 variant covers for first issue, ran 1977 to early 80s. Included: July 1978 (V1 N3), February 1979 (V1 N4), March 1979 (V1 N5), April 1979 (V1 N6), May 1979 (V1 N7), June 1979 (V1 N8), July 1979 (V1 N9), March 1980 (V1 N10), April 1980 (V1 N11). All but July 1978 in original mailing wrappers, with "John Cleve / Funny Farm" address labels. From the estate of Andrew J. Offutt, author of science-fiction, fantasy, and underground erotica, and Eric Stanton colleague. Stanton and Offutt collaborated on 100s of original erotic comics and digest fiction, notably "Stantoons" and "Blunder Broad" digests, and were close friends who regularly corresponded through letters, photographs, story and art proofs, or sexy trinkets. Offutt was an avid science fiction author noted for "Conan"-themed fantasies, debuted as a published writer in 1951, and wrote 100s of erotic novels pseudonymously as John Cleve, Turk Winter, John Denis, Jeff Morehead, Opal Andrews, and others. His "Spaceways" series is perhaps the ultimate collaboration of science fiction and erotica. He and Stanton could be credited with surviving and propagating the publishing crash of the 1970s as VHS brought new audiences to adult entertainment, while converting previous generations. Very Good Plus overall, light wrinkles and dampstains, light foxing, moderate toning to a few. For consenting, mature audiences.


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