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Bachelor / Mr. / Bravo / High / Ogle (5 vintage pin-up magazines bound together)

Bachelor / Mr. / Bravo / High / Ogle (5 vintage pin-up magazines bound together)

SKU: 125764

Various cities: Various Publishers, 1957-61. Six issues of vintage adult magazines, primitively but solidly bound together at the spines, blank paper spine, wrapper, endpapers; fore-edges dyed yellow. Presumably made by amateur binder or hobbyist. Assorted mix, late 50s men's pulp, w/ lots of text, full-pg illustrations, & ads. B/W/Color. BACHELOR - V2 N5, NOV 1957. NY: Official Magazine Corp, 2nd class in NJ. Imperial Studios cover! Contributors: Robert Sheckley, Loyd Rosenfield, Frederick Lorenz, Philip MacDonald, Sutton & DeLong, Richard Carter & Glen Kittler (Prohibition), Martin Fass, Alan E. Nourse (dorm girls), Art Buchwald, Phillip S. Cooke, Russel Crouse, Leo Summers, Wiseman, James Bama, Frank Soltesz, Pascal, Temes, Ranger, Charles McCurry, Albistur, Jack Nelson. Dawn Richards 6pp! MR. [For Men of Distinction] - V3 N4, APR 1959. NY: Mr. Magazines, 2nd class in IL. Various cover models! Contributors: Sam Merchant, Alice (cheap playboys), John Boland (possession), William Stuart (boudoir etiquette), W.W. Bell, Irving Cane (Brigitte Bardot), Marion Martin, B.F. Shelton, Robin, W.L. Moore, Tom Enders, Arlo Kindell, Bill Drobnich, Schneider, Ulsh, Dennis, Morey, Roy Kemp. Naja Karamaru 4pp, ads (Iris Bristol, Jackie Hilton, Bettie Page). BRAVO [For Men Who Dare to Live] - OCT 1959, first issue? NY: Jeflin Publishing Corp. Great Sabrina cover! Contributors: Calvin Curran (Civil War story), Elton Martin (beatniks queen), Harold Oliver (convention girls), Merton Moon, Gaston Dubois (crime fiction), Erika Benson (call girl confesses), Hilary Hilton (pirate adventure), Eric England (killer fiction), Troop, Dennis. Lynn Shaw intro page, blonde Charlotte Seymour, Jo-Ann outdoors, Danni Parker in Alaska, Judy Lane at beach. HIGH [Man's Home Companion] - V1 N8, SEP 1958. OH/NY: Periodical House. Brigitte Bardot contents pg/4pp, Marlyn Maher rear cover! Contributors: Frank Eck, GLobe, James T. Farrell, Clark Porteous, Mort Weisinger, Graphic House, Birnback, Alfred Maund, US Features, Pierre Louys, Albistur, Stan Weston (boxing), Docktor, Dennis, Lewis, de Carlo, Hollingswort, Hagglund. Lauren Lavelle 4pp, Mylene Demongeot 3pp, Folies Bergere 3pp, Lynn Shaw & parasol. OGLE [Girls with a Giggle] - V1 N1, MAR 1956. NY: True Problems Publications; editor Myron Fass (of FOTO-RAMA). Jayne Mansfield cover/3pp! Tempest Storm 2pp, Bettie Page pin-up puzzle/1 vignette, Meg Myles 4pp, underwater model, Jane Russell, mirror photos, house fave Barbara Michaels vignette ("Banned in Boston"), Chita Rivera, "fatty girl" calendar, Tina Louise & big things 4pp, vignettes (Diane Webber, Jayne Mansfield, Abbe Lane, Marilyn Monroe, Anita Ekberg, Eve Meyer). MR. [For Men of Distinction] - V5 N4, APR 1961. NY: Mr. Magazines, 2nd class in IL. Contributors: Dick Johnston, Max Williams (William Knoles?), Adobe James ("Priestess of Barstow Highway"), Tom Kopat, William W. Stuart, Irving Cane, Gary L. Kissler, B.F. Shelton, Lou Weston, Clark Collins, Charles Howell. Art: Dennis, several full-pg Ed Moritz. Hong Kong vice, Mylene Demongeot 3pp, Peggy Steele 4pp. Very Good Plus overall.   [Book ID: 125764]  [Magazines]


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