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Back Door Books (6 vintage adult paperbacks, 1978)

Back Door Books (6 vintage adult paperbacks, 1978)

SKU: 125527

S. Laguna, CA: Publisher's Consultants, 1978. Vintage adult paperbacks, distributed by Parliament News, featuring photo cover & door knob-keyhole illustrations on inconspicuous white/silver wrappers, many themes. Ties to Gloucestor Publishing, w/ ad forms present. Presumably short-lived run. Scarce. THE HUMILIATED WIFE - BDB1007, 1978. Karen Green. Circuit judge, Brit model. "Pac. News" stamp top edges. NEIGHBORHOOD ORGY - BDB1009, 1978. Roger Wilsky. Nymph wife, secretaries, masturbation. WATER SPORTS - BDB1017, 1978. Cary Hoffman. Swimming, coaches, Olympians. THE LADY OF THE HOUSE - BDB1019, 1978. Carl Marlowe. Interracial, car insurance. SWEAT SHOP SEX - BDB1027, 1978. George Monroe. Garment seamstresses. "Pac. News" stamp top edges. VICE IS NICE - BDB1035, 1978. Harvey Brock. "George Hanley" on the vice squad. VG overall, most are remainders. [Book ID 125527] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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