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[Barney Rosset] Grove Press (45 hardcovers in dust jackets)

[Barney Rosset] Grove Press (45 hardcovers in dust jackets)

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[Barney Rosset] Grove Press (45 hardcovers in dust jackets) New York: Grove Press Inc., 1964-74, 84-85. First Edition, hardcover octavo in original dust jacket, unless noted. Classic adult literature from iconic publisher, during the second wave of great output. All Very Good overall, heavy toning & foxing, light rubbing, slight lean, unless noted; jackets w/ same & tiny edge tears, unless noted. From the collection of noted fantasy & erotica writer, Andrew J. Offutt, many with his name stamp and/or notations/highlighting. For consenting, mature audiences. Here Goes Kitten    GP-322    1964    Robert Gover    2nd print The Motorcycle    GP-328    1965    Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues    2nd print Highlighting/notations The Ravishing of Lol Stein    GP-336    1966    Marguerite Duras    2nd print Notations, cuts to jacket front 491    GP-350    1966    Lars Gorling    1st Highlighting La Maison de Rendez-vous    GP-369    1966    Alain Robbe-Grillet    2nd print Highlighting Call Me Brick    GP-411    1967    Munroe Howard    1st Highlighting Call Me Brick    GP-411    1967    Munroe Howard    1st 4 x 4    GP-415    1962 [1967]    Jones, Reiter..    1st Notations Jou Pu Tuan    GP-418    1967    Li Yu    1st Name stamp/ink date, notations, a few stains Sadopaideia    GP-421    1967    Anonymous    1st Name stamp, notations Freewheelin Franks: Secretary of the Angels    GP-431    1967    Frank Reynolds, Michael McClure    1st Name stamp/ink date, highlighting/notations The Master & Margarita    GP-433    1967    Mikhail Bulgakov    1st Highlighting, jacket edge wear Numbers    GP-435    1967    John Rechy    1st Name stamp/ink date, front endpaper affixed to pastedown Anything Goes    GP-446    1967    Bine Strange Petersen    1st Memoirs of a Russian Princess    GP-455    1967    Katoumbah Pasha    1st Name stamp, highlighting An Excess of Love    GP-464    1968    Jac Lenders    1st Name stamps/pencil date Billy & Betty    GP-474    1968    Twiggs Jameson    1st The Other Face of Love    GP-483    1969    Raymond de Becker    1st Quarto Commander Amanda Nightingale    GP-501    1968    George Revelli    1st Highlighting/notations Suburban Souls    GP-501    1968    Anonymous    1st Notations A Man with a Maid    GP-514    1968    Anonymous    1st Name stamps/ink date, loss to jacket rear top edge "Frank" and I    GP-521    1968    Anonymous    2nd print Name stamp, notations Lily: The Diary of a French Girl in New York    GP-522    1969    Sandrine Forge    1st The New Epicurean & the Adventures of a School-Boy    GP-527    1969    Anonymous    3rd print Venus: School-Mistress    GP-550    1968    [Mary Wilson]    1st Notations The Loves of a Musical Student    GP-572    1969    Anonymous    1st Highlighting Eros: The Meaning of My Life    GP-578    1969    Edith Cadivec    1st Highlighting/notations Pleasure Bound: Three Erotic Novels    X-1007    1969    Viset & Felicien Rops (drawings)    1st Hinge crack Love 1 & Love 2 Erotic Tales from Scandinavia    X-1012    1969    [Anonymous]    1st Title pg miscut at lower tip Sticky Fingers    X-1014    1970    Eleanor Bartlett    1st Name stamp/ink date My Bed Is My Castle    X-1020    1970    Henrike Tjele    1st Name stamp/ink date, highlighting/notations Two and Two    X-1021    1970    Henrik Tjele    1st Name stamp/ink date, notations Forbidden Fruit    X-1022    1970    [Anonymous]    1st Name stamp/ink date Green Girls    X-1023    1971    Donewell    1st Name stamp/ink date, highlighting Up in Heaven    X-1027    1970    Pierre La Tour    1st 12mo New Ladies' Tickler    X-1028    1970    Anonymous    1st 12mo Name stamp Yvonne    X-1029    1970    Mary Suckit    1st 12mo Stains to jacket Whipped Women    X-1030    1971    Jean de Villiot    1st 12mo Jacket edge wear Emmanuelle    GP-601    1971    Emmanuelle Arsan    1st Notations & highlighting throughout Confessions & Experiences    GP-678    1971    Edith Cadivec    1st Highlighting/notations S-M: The Last Taboo    GP-722    1973    Gerald & Caroline Greene    1st Signed to "John Cleve" in ink by Gerald The Drawings of Bertrand    GP-746    1974    Raymond Bertrand    1st Tall quarto Ink name/date Life on Board a Yacht    GP-917    1984    Anonymous    1st Lascivious Scenes in the Convent    GP-918    1984    Anonymous    1st A Weekend Visit    E-986    1985    Anonymous    1st Softcover. 


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